Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Little Family

The picture was taken as we were descending into Guatemala City this afternoon. That's when it hit. We finally arrived sleepy, but most importantly safely! The first to greet us outside the airport was Jorge, who is going to be our guide, travel organizer, and overall lifeline throughout the week. He bought us lunch as soon as we arrived, then safely got us through the rocky roads, and mountainous terrain to our home for the next week. This part of the travel took the longest, but I loved the way the team has become a little family. We sang songs, played games, laughed out loud, and even slept on each other's shoulders. When we finally arrived at our clinic I couldn't get over how perfect it was- up on hill, just the right size, white walls, beautiful windows, and built by the hard-working people around it. When things couldn't get any better, we past blocks and blocks of paintings, clothes, tapestries, sculptures, FOOD, music, and more people! Once we settled in to our rooms and had a delicious dinner, we couldn't wait to get out and explore the streets. So we did, =) but not for long! We start our first day at the clinic tomorrow bright and early tomorrow! I CAN'T WAIT.

Ana Calvopina

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