Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Long Awaited Harvest

It is hard to explain the feeling of finally actually being here in Guatemala. Because of an unnecessary mishap involving my other commitments on campus, I was unable to participate in the medical service trip last year, as I was originally supposed to, after having contributed to a lot of the fundraising for the trip. Needless to say, I am finally getting a taste of what my team members and I have been working so hard for.

Our travels were exhausting today. From having to be up and ready to go by 4:15 this morning to lugging up to three 50 pound suitcases around the Guatemala City airport, it’s safe to say we were all both physically and mentally checked out by the time we got on the bus on our way to the clinic – a solid three hour endeavor after taking into consideration the chaotic, bustling city streets.

I did, however, find myself engulfed in the nature around us while curving around the mountain side on our way to Panajachel. The bus driver (who, by the way, had to deal with a bunch of sleep deprived students who still managed to sing to any song that popped into their heads) turned on some easy-listening, Latin guitar music as we watched the sun go down over the foggy mountain roads. I couldn’t help but stay smiling throughout the majority of the trip. I was entranced.

And to think this was not even a complete day’s worth of events. I am eager to start being able to help in healthcare provision of the residents of such a fruitful environment.


Ali Ahmed
Xavier University 2016
Life Science | Business

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