Sunday, February 12, 2017

Preparing for Solidarity

As the second semester begins to intensify, I can not help but look forward to our coming trip.Every Wednesday evening as we all gather in a group, I feel a deepening sense of comradery and mutual excitement. Last semester our focus was intensely directed on fundraising. I’m not going to lie, it was very draining, especially during the month of November, when we wisely planned multiple fundraisers every weekend. Maybe that wasn’t our smartest move, but it brought us ever closer to our goal. This semester, while we have a few more fundraisers on the horizon, most of our efforts surround educating ourselves on how best to treat our future patients. As a senior nursing major, I’ve spent three years learning how best to serve my American populations and communities. But I have much to learn before I head down to Guatemala. My Spanish for one, needs mucha atenciĆ³n. I also need to adapt my plan of care to meet the needs of the community, which are very different from the needs of the ICU I work in. But luckily, I’ve had almost four years of a Jesuit education where I’ve learned to be a woman for and with the people. It is this solidarity that I will bring with me to Guatemala.

Michelle Indelicato
Xavier University Class of 2017
School of Nursing