Sunday, March 6, 2016

Clinic Videos

This whole process of formation that is involved in making these 12 outstanding Xavier students ready to travel down to Guatemala each year on their school vacation begins early in the fall semester. In addition to all of the fundraising and weekly preparation meetings late into the night where they learn about Guatemalan culture and history as well as how to take vital signs and plot kids on growth curves, these busy pre-med and nursing students also become healthcare educators. The students are broken into 3 teams and given a health care topic to research. Then they are given the assignment of making a short video about their Spanish. These videos play in the waiting room and are used by the clinic to educate patients and community healthcare workers about basic topics like dental care, diabetes, etc. This year our three education videos for Guatemala came out amazing. Our three topics were, how to prepare for a visit to the doctor, heart health, and basic newborn care. I am so proud of how much amazing work went into these this year. This is a lasting legacy of these students' time at Xavier, probably having more impact on people around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala than our short week in clinic does. Please take a moment and take a look at their excellent work.

Lauri Pramuk, MD

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