Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lia Westhafer - A Seed of Hope

Lia is a junior Occupational Therapy major from Akron, Ohio with minors in Gender Diversity Studies and Violin Performance
Hola! How blessed I am to be a member of Team Guatemala. It has been an incredible journey the past eight days living with wonderful and passionate individuals and working in a medical clinic which changed the lives of the Patantic people. I fully believe community was the key ingredient in our success this week. We formed strong life-lasting relationships with fellow students and life coaches, medical doctors, and ER nurses. Memories and laughter were shared between cobble-stone walks in Antigua on New Year’s, nightly tear-filled reflections, crammed bus rides up and down narrow streets, bargain street shopping, corn tortilla-making, cold showers, water-splashing boat rides, home medical visits, family breakfasts and dinners, language barriers, medical shadowing, prescription writing, blood pressure screening, eye examinations, teeth brushing, and hugs shared across cultures. It is truly amazing the amount of medical care that was thoroughly provided to the Guatemalan people in only a few days.
How remarkable it was to be a part of a group of eighteen beautiful individuals who healed a piece of our world. It can easily be concluded that as a collective group of story-filled individuals, we planted a seed of hope in Patanatic, Guatemala and the beautiful fruit that will grow from this nourished seed is yet to be revealed. I cannot wait to hear of the wonderful healing the members of Team Guatemala will continue to spread onto the world in their lives to come. I love so much everyone as part of the Heart-To-Heart volunteer team and may God continue to dwell in their hearts.

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