Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christian Alegria – The forging of future implements of good

Christian is a sophomore natural sciences major from Chatfield, OH.
When a blacksmith shapes a piece of metal, he shapes it with a hammer one strike at a time until it becomes something beautiful, useful, and meaningful. I often think our lives are the same way. We encounter significant experiences in our lives, each which change us and contribute towards making our lives more meaningful.
I have taken so much from our time here in Guatemala and helping the people here has just been amazing. We have seen so many different patients in Patanatic and across the lake in another city called San Pedro and have had the opportunity to make a difference. We were able to help with issues of pain, poor eyesight, gastritis, and conjunctivitis, among others. To be able to alleviate these people's pain felt great and working with the awesome doctors and nurses has been one of our best learning experiences. The relationships we have built with the people of Patanatic and each other have been like no other and I will be forever changed by this trip. I am thankful for all the members on the team and sad to leave Guatemala, but happy to bring back the memories and experiences I had.

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