Friday, January 8, 2010

Amber from Jamaica January 7, 2010

The people in Jamaica never cease to amaze me. I have enountered a lot of hardship over the past couple of days and have experienced the uncanny ability of the Jamaican people to count their blessings in spite of that hardship. Today I was blessed to be at the prayer station for the whole afternoon. Praying with so many people for so many hours was a wonderful experience for me, and afterward I realized how much the Jamaican people have helped me grow in my faith. Person after person taught me how to pray. Earlier this week when I was at the prayer station, I gave those who came through the option for me to offer the prayer or for them to offer it, and each time they asked that I offer it. Today I began to just ask them to say a prayer and I listened and prayed with them silently. I was deeply moved to hear the gratitude they felt to God for all of the blessings in their life and how thankful they were that we were there to serve the community. In their prayers they never forgot to pray for their community and to praise God for his mercy and love. be so thankful when you have so little. It was a reminder for me to never cease to thank God for the tremendous blessings he has given me and recognize that everything that I have is a wonderful gift from God.
Amber B.

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