Thursday, January 7, 2010

Abie on 1-6-10

We are truly an interfaith group. A Rabbi is leading a mission from a Jesuit Catholic university. IsleGo, our Jamaican service host, is non-denominational Christian. Our first visitor for a presentation was a Rastafarian. Our clinic was set up today in a Methodist church in Golden Spring. Tomorrow we are in a Baptist Church in Liberty. Sunday, we went to Catholic Mass in Ocho Rios and tonight spent ywo hours in the mosque in Ocho Rios with their Imam. Friday night we will have Shabbat dinner in St. Ann's, the parish near Ocho Rios. Perhaps a first, since the island's 200 Jews live in Kingston. I see it's a small world every time I travel it.
The Imam tonight was erudite and eloquent, raised as a Catholic by parents who thought he might be a priest. He went London to study and the rest is history. Truly a model of devout Islam with genuine interfaith knowledge. A fascinating experience for our students.
We have been resolute - every minute has been filled with medical service and interfaith. Xavier's name is really being broadcast for good. We will see over 500 patients. At this point, 4 patients have been sent to the hospital with very serious conditions. Of the 500, but a handful have not accepted our students' invitations at the end to join them in a prayer for healing.
Nice food treat today. I walked down the dirt rural street during a rain break and bought two fresh coconuts. The owner's son cracked 'em and all of us had delicious coconut for an afternoon treat.

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