Monday, March 6, 2017

Early bird gets the worm...

¡Hola amigos! Today began our journey to Guatemala. After packing our suitcases yesterday, we woke up at 3 am today, driven by caffeine and our desire to be for others, ready to head to the airport. We have spent countless hours planning and carrying out fundraisers, we've learned medical terms and techniques and we've worked on our Spanish skills and it's all lead to this moment. As I'm writing this, our plane just started moving and we are headed to Atlanta. Our excitement is obvious because we are the only section that can be heard at 5 am, probably annoying everyone else on the plane but our intentions are pure. We are sleep-deprived but extremely pumped to start our work in Choacorral!

We were welcomed by the community with open arms and wide smiles. After lugging dozens of suitcases full of medicine and equipment, we spent some time unpacking and arranging the clinic! It's exciting to see how much we've already made in just one day!

What stands out the most to me is how Guatemalans carry their hearts on their sleeves. I have already met a few people and we speak as if we have known each other for years. This kind of genuine sense of community gives me the permission to be freely vulnerable with those around me. It's only day one and I can already feel that I am growing into my better self.

Aichetou Waiga

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