Saturday, May 28, 2016


by: Aubrey Meyer 

Today we got to finish up the cemetery, getting it ready for the dedication tomorrow. Seeing all the stones that we got upright was very satisfying, and comparing the pictures beforehand was super exciting. After cleaning the cemetery, we went to the school to have lunch. It was an amazing lunch, and the people making the lunch were so sweet. What really sealed the lunch was when Emmalee bought her and I cinnamon rolls from the cafeteria! They were the most amazing things I have tasted in a week.

We were honored to be able to attend the schools graduation after lunch. It was an emotional moment for some of the seniors who were leaving the school they have been in for 12 years. They sang and danced and even dedicated a song to us and thanked us for coming to see them. We gave the principal a Xavier banner and portfolio, and also announced the art contest winner and the essay contest winner. They were so excited and so thankful that we had done this for them.

Our final event of the day was staying with our host family. Me, Paige and Blessy stayed with the mayor. We went to a little town called Birštonas to have pizza with Mantás, our translator. The mayor drove us around the little town and we went to see a huge oak tree. We also got to see a beautiful lake with a lodge. Seeing all these nature sights made me really appreciate the little bit of nature that I have at home. When we got to the mayors house, his family welcomed us with open arms, even though we didn’t speak their language. Seeing how happy they were to talk to us made me realize that we are pretty blessed in the United States, and how easily we pass by people who have amazing stories and knowledge.

As we continue through these final days, I hope to cherish all the memories we have had here. I hope to expand on all the knowledge that I have gotten to acquire and even grow in the friendships I have made. While we can share these experiences with our family, friends, and peers, nothing will compare to actually being here.


Debbie said...

I'm so glad you all were able to get a first hand one-on-one experience with the host families. It make Lithuania more of a personal feel. I'm also you have a "taste memory". Now whenever you have a cinnamon roll it will take you emotionally back to Lithuania.

John Meyer said...

I am so happy for you all! You are learning a ton and enjoying it! I bet you haven't even missed tv. Can't wait to see you at the airport.