Monday, March 7, 2016

New Connections

Today was our very first half-day in the clinic! I was in the pharmacy with the lovely Dr. Eric, who is not only hilarious but also a fantastic teacher! There is a huge emphasis on pharmacology in my curriculum right now as a senior nursing major, so it was very beneficial to review medications in clinic. I also had my first experience with some tiny Guatemalan humans today! We played futbol, blew some burbujas, and made homemade paper jumping frogs.. and I quickly learned that frogs do not say "ribbit" in Spanish. Clearly I still need to work on my Spanish, but luckily we have Ade and Sonia to help us communicate with the patients. Both of these ladies and the translators do an amazing job of running the clinic and I was immediately very impressed.

After the clinic, we went to visit ancient Mayan ruins called La Ciudad De Iximche. I loved being able to learn about history and rich culture of the Mayans. For me personally, I find much of my spirituality through nature. When I go on a hike or swim in the ocean, I feel so connected with the world and my Higher Power that I believe created it. I had an immense appreciation for the Mayans’ respect and reverence for nature and the world around them. Even though the people we were learning about were alive centuries ago, I felt a connectedness to them through this reverence for nature that they expressed in their culture so richly.

Molly Kubicek

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