Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Completing the Little Things

I am feeling so refreshed by the beautiful scenery, people, smiles, laughter, and joy that I have encountered everyday. Watching women climb the mountain balancing a huge basket on their head while carrying a child on their back is just a small example that shows the true dedication, hard work, and strength the people of Guatemala possess.

Today, in clinic the patient who really spoke to me was a beautiful 80 year old woman. Through her beautiful appearance and big smile on her face I could only wonder the amount miles her feet have traveled, the hard work her hands completed, the sights her eyes have witnessed, and the amount of love she has outpoured to others. I completed the visit with her in the prayer room where she hugged, kissed my cheeks, and thanked me so many times. 

My favorite quote by Mother Teresa is, “Do small things with great love.” As I continue throughout my nursing career, I need to always remember that sometimes it is the smallest encounters that you can have with your patient that can show the greatest love. My time spent within the clinic has most importantly taught me to be fully present with each patient, to take my time, and to always focus on completing the little things. For as Nurse Stephanie told us, “It is the little things that we can find unimportant that will bring about the biggest difference.”

Lauren Francis

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