Friday, March 11, 2016

Be Happy

Prior to coming on this trip, a past participant told me: "There are a lot of bad-ass women in Guatemala", and this quote came to life for me today. My team and I were able to go on home visits with Dr. Richard through the upper sector in the village of Patanatic. Two of the female patients we saw were in their late 80s, and had better than average blood pressures, ideal blood glucose levels, and an activity level that is better than mine! One of them had to hike up and down a very steep, treacherous path with barbed wire on both sides just to leave her home, and she managed to do it EVERY day! On top of all of this, every patient was so gracious and welcoming to let a bunch of American strangers into their home so that we may provide care and also learn in the process. I was so amazed and humbled by the health and strength these women exemplified, despite the difficulties they face in their every day lives. Today allowed me to reflect on what it is that we really need to be happy and healthy in our lives. As another wise Guatemalan has told me--if you want to be happy, choose to be happy.

Molly Kubicek

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