Sunday, January 4, 2015

Up Close and Personal

Today has been filled with nervous energy and exciting awareness of the reality that today is the day we finally set foot in Guatemala. It seems as if we have been awaiting this day for the longest. Lots of hard work and planning has allowed this day to happen. Before I reflect on today, I believe it is important to mention the team activity that we all gathered around to participate in yesterday night.. Eric, Stephanie Renny's husband, asked for us to find a partner, form two lines, and stand directly across from our partner while facing them. The first phase of the activity had us walk closer and closer to our partner until we were less than several inches away from them. The second phase had us do the exact same thing but without breaking eye contact. Nervous laughter filled the room, but as we got closer to our partner, the more we talked to our partner. This activity reflected the intimate situations that we will be thrown into at times this week. It also mimicked the special moments that include putting yourself out there, feeling slightly uncomfortable, yet in the end, gaining an experience that allows us to grow closer to another person.

After lots of stalling in airports and attempting to sleep during the plane ride, we finally landed in Guatemala City. As we crammed in a bus to head to our hotel, practically sitting on top of one another, we joked that this was just like the activity the other night- up close and personal. We agreed that after that activity, nothing could be awkward between all of us. The vibe has definitely shifted amongst our team. It's as if as soon as we landed and were accompanied by Dr. Richard, a determined spirit of our mission is now with us. Dinner at a beautiful restaurant only decorated this new spirit as we cheered for our mission, for our clinic, and for our friends -those we have yet to meet and those who have stood by us and supported us along the way.

Caroline Wehby

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