Monday, March 3, 2014

An Amazing Journey

This has been an amazing journey so far. I can't really believe that we are in Guatemala right now. This last couple of days I've woken up thinking that I am maybe at home in Texas because of the weather but then I step outside and realize, no Stephanie, you are in Guatemala!!!

So far we have had a day and half of clinic time and it has been incredibly busy. I think I imagined a completely different type of clinic. I am not sure what exactly I was expecting but I can already see myself wanting to do more work with these people.

Tomorrow is bringing another full day of work. Today we saw an entire first grade class of children that were probably the most beautiful children I might have ever seen. Tomorrow we will be seeing more children and some adults. I have been learnig so much about how to apply everything I've learned so far in the MIDAS program.

One thing that I have taken away from all of this in these few days is the amount of kindness each person in Guatemala has shown us. They have a respect that is not seen in the United States. I think we stand to learn something greater than our abilities by working in this community.

Stephanie Ibemere
March 3, 2014

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