Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jan. 1 Downs and Ups

Hello to all back home! I hope your New Year’s celebration was fun and filled with family and friends, as ours was spent with people I don't hesitate to call my friends.

After spending the day driving to and exploring Guatemala, we had dinner and went into reflection. Rabbi asked us that we state our greatest happiness from 2012 and our wish for 2013. I thought long and hard about 2012. It was full of adventure, sadness, new friendships, and great memories, but I knew what my greatest happiness was. 2012 marked 10 years cancer-free for my Grandma. I said my greatest happiness was the continued health of my family, and I hoped 2013 brought my family the same good graces.

Rabbi talked about ups and downs and he changed the phrase. Downs and ups he said. You go from the downs towards the ups. I thought the phrase was so great. Thinking of just the downs in the preparation for the trip and then the ups we achieved.

Lauri told the wonderful story of the adoption of her two children from Haiti. It had us all in tears, happy and sad. A perfect example of downs to ups.

NYE was great, full of fun experiences with people from all over the world. It felt like the place to be! At midnight (well 12:10 because they were running late) the celebration of the ball drop occurred. Fireworks and lanterns filled the sky. We were talking to a British man named Indy, and the joke was that I was convinced that he looked like Zayn from One Direction. Of course I saw the Mediterranean skin and British accent and just pictured Zayn for the entire conversation. Mom and Josh - he is a Manchester United fan, continued street credit given from out premier league love.

We went through Antigua today, seeing the old churches, and buildings. It was fun and of course beautiful. We drove back to Pana and did our shopping. It was so fun to see us all bargaining with the locals!

We ended with reflection but really it was just laughing for all of us, one of the great abilities about this team. Remind your kids to tell you about the disease, dogged jaw.

Pillow talk last night with the team was fun and full of laughter, however, I admit I was falling asleep. As I am now. Back to the clinic!

Much love,

Sara Fieger

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