Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new view of the world

I just wrote a blog yesterday. However, I witnessed a miracle today at the clinic and must share it with you. My apologies for making you read two incredibly long blog posts!

In the morning, I was in vision. This means I fit patients into eyeglasses. Before any patients arrived, Tom, Rabbi, and I were sorting thought the 2,000 glasses in the suitcases and organizing them by strength. As I was sorting, I came across my glasses from the third grade! What are the chances? It was our last day in the clinic, so I was one of the last rotations, and there were two others sorting through the glasses with me. I turned to Rabbi with wide eyes and said, "These are my glasses!!" He took me into the vision room and took my picture with them on. We decided to put them up and see if they would fit one of today’s patients. He said, "God, if by some chance you are bored today and have just a millisecond, it would be great if you could send a patient in that needs Kiersten's glasses. It's not a huge priority and not that important, but if you have a second and you're bored, this would be nice." We got back to work and finally, a patient came in. We fit her with glasses within a few minutes. Then, a second patient came in. I did a quick vision test and realized she needed a pair of the weaker eyeglasses. We worked with her to find two pairs that could work that she loved. Then Rabbi turned to me and said, "Let’s just try your glasses. I don't know if they will work, but it's worth a try." My hands were shaking. What if they actually did work? I placed them on her face and, when she looked up at the vision chart, her face lit up and she started looking at everything in the room. Her eyes were huge and she looked at Rabbi and me, exclaiming, "Perfecto!" I turned to Rabbi and said, "I'm about to cry!!" Rabbi ran out of the room to get a translator to explain to the patient why I was crying and what was going on. As we told her, I continued to cry, and she seemed so happy to know that her new glasses used to be mine. This experience truly was a miracle that not everybody can experience.
-Kiersten Mossburg

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