Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rabbi Abie – Blessed and truly ready

After four months of preparation for our Guatemala mission I am proud to say we have opened. The student participants have come together as a loving, supportive and able community. The medical team is first class and has bonded beautifully with our students. The clinic in Patanatic, just a dream last year, has opened and while there is still no plumbing (yes, we flush with a bucket of water drawn from a large plastic garbage can) and the electricity is yards of extension cords - our workplace is palatial compared to last year.
Our students were given a dry run with home visits on the mountain slopes of Patanatic. Every home visit was a walking challenge with the hillsides, barbed wire and raw sewage. But in four groups we fanned out into the four sectors and saw tens of home bound patients. We examined infants of just a few weeks to elderly in their 70s and 80s. In the home of our group's last visit to Sector 1, an elderly lady was convinced to come up to our clinic tomorrow so Dr. Richard could examine her more thoroughly. When we bid her farewell she pronounced to us that our visit was a gift sent to her by a gracious God.
Now that we have been thusly blessed - we truly are ready.

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