Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mouhamed Ndoye – Senegal to Guatemala

Mouhamed is a sophomore from Sidney, OH majoring in Information Systems and Spanish at Xavier.
Words can't express how the last day of 2011 was spent, but I will make an attempt. Waking up early in the morning to begin my first journey to a Central American country, I learned that one can begin the day at 3:00 am! At CVG airport TG-13 (Team Guatemala) applauded every member who received their ticket and met the 50-pound luggage maximum as though we were professional athletes being introduced before a game. After the wait in CVG and the layover in Atlanta, we landed in Guatemala City. Now that I think about it, the airport reminded me of Senegal, where I call home (besides the US). It was really heart-warming to see that people were happy. At this point, I have been in Guatemala for four days and every second of it has been amazing. God bless the doctors that came along on the trip and the organizers, Rabbi Abie and Carmen, because they are sent from God. Words cannot express my respect for all the members of Team Guatemala. JD, Jen, Annie, Anna, Lia, David, Mike, Mary, Micayla, Rabbi Abie, Carmen, Christian, Megan, Doc Lauri, Doc Richard, Bonnie, Jorge and Cathy are the best argument for the existence of God.

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