Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mena and Jenna from Jamaica January 4

10:12 pm
This is Mena B. and Jenna H. from the Jamaica Interfaith Medical Mission Trip. We would like to offer the following reflection to keep everyone in Cincinnati updated on the work being done here in Steertown.
Jenna: "Today was our first day at the clinic. All in all I would say things went well. We were able to treat 140 people today. I was truly touched by the people of Steertown's joyful spirit. Despite their unfortunate situations, they still greeted each of us with smiles. This spirit and hope is what drives me to continue on my path towards working in a healthcare profession. It is also what deepens my faith and trust in humanity. In the small amount of time I was with each person, I was able to form a relationship with them and feel a common bond between us. I am so thankful that I have been given such an amazing opportunity to experience the interconnectedness of human nature. I am unbelievably touched by the experiences and relationships I am forming here. I know that this is only the start of mission work for myself, and look forward to the days when I can lead one of my own trips. "

Mena: "As Jenna mentioned, today was a beautiful day, and as Rabbi and told us earlier, today was the day we would truly get to experience Jamaica. There are many ailments that afflict the people here. From diseases such as AIDS, parasitic infections, hypertension, a plethora of STDs, to malnutrition and lack of education. However, we all felt that in seeing Jamaica we gave hope to the people here, and in turn were given it. We were able to help treat patients, while getting to know them and their families, and this is what truly provided that sense that we were finally seeing Jamaica. Through the people we treated, we all seemed to find a looking glass into the essence of humanity, and thereby came to appreciate more fully Jamaica, the medical practice, and humanity as a whole. We now look forward to another day of intense experiences and reflection."

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