Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brittany from Jamaica January 2, 2010

10:45 pm
Hello from Jamaica! I have never been to a country where so many of the people are like me. That is the first thing I noticed when I deplaned. Yet, when I turned to my peers I saw the same thing. Although we are not the same physically I saw in them the same motives that I have. We are all from so many different backgrounds, ethnic groups and religions, but we are all here in the name of service and God. Even though we have just begun our week journey I already see God and good faith in our actions. I am anxious to get my hands dirty; I am ready to learn and actually physically contribute. All of my years of biology and chemistry do not compare to what I will learn in this week. This trip is surreal. I have high expectations and at the same time, I have no expectations. Yet all the while I do not know what to expect. I hope to help a lot of people but I also know that there will be hundreds we will turn away. Whether they are turned away in lieu of a sicker patient or whether they are turned away when we have to close our doors on Friday, still we will have to turn them down. It makes me feel like I am only making a small dent in much larger problem. Contrastingly, I know that even helping one person makes a difference and that gives me hope for our mission. When we started our day at 4 am this morning the town of Steer Town seemed so far away and distant. However, after only being here a few hours and being so warmly welcomed by the people I feel comfortable and like we were destined to come here.
Brittany B.

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