Friday, January 8, 2010

Abie from the old slave shacks 1-7-10

Tonight we traveled into the era of slave shacks - extreme poverty. We were literally practicing bush medicine. Passing meds hand over hand across mud and through rain to get from shack to shack. Students were scribbling BP readings and vitals on their arms by flashlight. We were amid the shacks in darkness but could not dismiss the children pulling at our arms to see their mothers. Half the students went home; they made and waited with dinner until we got back. Brenda R. from Kenya did a nice blessing before our food. Now we are trying to resurrect our intake forms from the numbers written on boxes, scraps and arms. Then, we will offer reflections and get some sleep.
Friday 8am we start in Steer Town. Then we will lunch in Ocho Rios and purchase breads to use as tonight’s Shabbat challah. We will make a brief visit to the Falls and then return for Shabbat dinner. And unbelievably - it's over. Our students have had hands-on medical experiences with over 500 patients - infants and elderly, well and terribly sick. And, they have had hands on human experiences with the exact same people. Did we see Jamaica? Maybe more than any tourist ever has. Not a hint of a tan or beach sand in anyone's shoes. Incredible.

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