Sunday, March 16, 2008

We have made it to Biloxi. Took about 13 hours. Will drove the entire way!! We are staying at a large metal building behind a church. It has a big open room for meals, meetings, etc. and the students stay in the lofts above the room. It is all very open, dorm room style. There are no lights in the loft so the flashlights come in handy. Many other students are camping out side. They've come from Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

There is one men's bathroom, one women's bathroom and 4 outdoor showers for everyone!! About 175 total. The students love it. For me it was a bit of an adjustment but after finding a good airmatress to sleep on I'm set... as it says on the wall as you enter this building... it's NOT about you!

Today is a free day. We will travel to New Orleans and then maybe the beach. Our work starts tomorrow at 7am. We are scheduled to go to the Gulf Coast Islands but not sure what work we will do. Every day we will do something different. One day we'll work here cleaning, another working in what we think is a bird sancutary and one day with school children.

The weather is beautiful and it is hard to believe this area was once so devastated but you still see bits and pieces of evidence everywhere in blown over trees, empty lots scattered with debris and lots of NEW buildings, which I think replaced the old.

That's it for today.

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