Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day Two AB in Biloxi

Today's service was a bit different. We worked with some people from Americorps to help save live oak trees. It involved what's called vertical munching and that means using power tools!! We used an ager to deep a foot-deep hole and then filled it with much and compost. It will help nurish the trees that are suffocating from being in the packed down earth.
We also got to see examples of trees that had been treated and are now doing much better. We also got a tour of Biloxi and learned more about the challenges the city still faces. One of the stops along the way was the Katrina memorial.
A great part of AB is the nightly reflection, thinking about what we've done and what it means. It's great to hear the students perspective of this trip and how it is touching their lives.
The group is getting along very well, a lot of laughter and smiles all the time. Everyone is eager to try new things to help out.
Tomorrow we head to a school to help with a teachers appreciation lunch and art projects with the kids.

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XUniverse said...

Vertical munching - sounds like what us Xavier fans will be doing in front of our TV sets on Thursday afternoon!
We are proud you are all doing such good work. Stay dry and take care. Take some time to cheer the teams!