Thursday, October 25, 2007

Many comments - join in

Michael's blog from a few days ago has generated much comment. Check them out and join in!


god said...

Greetings Michael, I am a structured human being at Xavier University and the theology class requisitions this opine to your blog. First, in any communication it is good to know from what foundation is the human being speaking. For instance, America is a real place and the United States is a false place. If the act is from America it is true. If the act is from the United States is it false. By discovering the foundation of thought will determine if the conversation will be of truth or falsehood. For instance, human beings do not have a religion. That is imposed upon the human being by the family, who have accepted specific conditions of society and wish to pass such on to their child. In doing this no one has or have taken the oportunity to research what religion is. Therefore, false information will be gathered that will seemingly appear to be the truth. If, there was a religion while the human being was in the womb it would be no-religion. In order to achieve conversation from other human beings it is necessary for other human beings to discover who they are and what part of their mind is and are they speaking from. For instance, the mind exist in conscious and unconscious thought. In conversation which thought process is being used? Is it the conscious or the unconscious? Please note, the intellectual mind functions on the unconscious thought patterns, because it is designed to function this way. Considering this, what magic can be conjured to get the human being to function consciously and to be in this state of awareness while communicating with other human beings. Note, in this state of consciousness there is peace. In this state of consciousness peace can be the here and now. It is natural. In situations as what you have found your self and in proffering questions to other human beings, those human beings can not respond consciously, because they hide truths from the masses and hide the truth of what they represent. Many human beings hold loyally to a conspiracy to over throw America. If they answer your questions rightously they will reveal the tyrant. It is good that you were able to make such a journey to Rome. Perhaps, in the future it will be a good idea to ask your self why is Rome so important to the religious world? What is hidden there? Perhaps, a lie.

Michael said...

Thank you for the comment. First of all may I ask how did you choose your screen name "god"? What is the purpose behind it.

I agree that some people simply adopt the religious views of their parents and families, but this only means that they do not question who they are.

The dialogue requires the person to open up and make a conscious effort to listen. This happens rarely.

Before we discuss who lies to us, the question is who do we lie to? How often do we say yes that we no longer mean? How often are we honest in our apologies? How many times have we cheated ourselves by avoiding to see the reality?

Amanda Mock said...

Although my Theology class at Xavier has only touched on the subject of dialogue, I think it is a wonderful thing what is being accomplished over seas at the moment. It touches me how you describe Rome, or shall I say, can not describe it in words because of it's astounding beauty. I am very proud to be represented by you as a Xavier student. Thank you so much for allowing all of us back in Cincinnati to learn more about your religious experience. Also, in reference to your question on what should be done when you return to the United States, I think a speech about what was accomplished in Rome and your personal experience would not only be extremely interesting, but inspiring to all students. Thanks again!